Amazon Kindle arrives at Best Buy next week

Best Buy is pursuing the customer to go for tablets and e-readers, as they add one more popular device to their inventory.

Recently Best Buy has announced that iPad will be available in all of the chain’s 1000+ stores later this month. Now a major competitor will be added to the mix. Engadget reports that Amazon’s Kindle is coming to Best Buy stores very soon, most probably like next week. The e-reader is already available at Staples and Target, the latter of which is expected to start carrying the iPad early next month.

At present the Wi-Fi Kindle is currently selling for $139 at Amazon but rumors is going on that price drops will be coming in time for Black Friday. Now we know why we’re being bombarded with those Kindle vs. iPad commercials. However, Amazon is getting the attention of potential customers who prefer to shop the brick-and-mortar stores.


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