Amazon Offer Unlimited Cloud Music Storage

Amazon has made known free cloud storage for all Amazon MP3 obtain. This cloud storage will have unlimited storage plan for music and cloud player for the iPad. Craig Pape, Director of Amazon says that customers are appreciating the Cloud Drive and player and also enjoying the service for just $20 a year.

Craig also express that they are very eager to redesign this service on customer behalf. Customers wanting to receive unlimited space for music, offer is available at the lowest price for $20 a year with 20GB storage plan. This plan includes file space and music. Interested customers can visit Amazon site and acquire Cloud Storage plan and get ulimited space for music.

Cloud player for web has been redesign to provide customer streaming playback of their Cloud Drive on their iPad while using safari for iPad. Customers can access Cloud player for iPad by simple opening the safari browser and visit ( to right away listen to music.

[Via iClarified]

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