Analyst proposed 8 million iPads sold

Some analysts has estimate that 8 million iPad have been sold. However, Apple hasn’t revealed exactly how many iPads have been sold in the first six months the device has been on the market.

For that we need to wait and confirm as when Apple announces its next quarter earnings on October 18, we should have a pretty good idea of how many iPads have been sold so far, but analysts are already estimating the number. 8.25 million Units, based on the 3.27 million shipped last quarter and the estimated 3.8-6 million for this quarter seems to be a good guess.

According to report from CNBC, they estimated the iPad sales rate at 4.5 million units per quarter. That adds up to a lot of iPads and a lot of trouble for the tech companies that put their money on netbooks instead of tablets in 2010 and are now struggling to catch up.


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