Android Market Apps More Expensive Than App Store Apps

Monopoly app price at App store and Android Market

According to a study from research firm Canalys, Android apps are more expensive than App Store apps. On average, Android apps cost more than two times more than iPhone Apps.

Canalys compared the cost of purchasing the top 100 paid-for Apps in the App Store with the cost of the top 100 paid-for apps in the Android Market. The top 100 paid-for App Store apps cost $147 or an average of $1.47 an app and the top 100 paid-for Android Market apps cost $374.37 or $3.74 per app.

Canalys claimed the discrepancy is a result of Apple’s mature, walled-garden, allows in-app purchases. It increases app price competitiveness. The Android Market has fewer customers who are willing to pay for apps and as a result developers must charge more to break even or profit.

Only 19 apps appeared on both lists. However, when they did, the App Store versions were usually priced lower. For example, EA’s Monopoly’s price was $0.99 in the App Store. Its price in the Android Market was $4.99.

While Canayls drew these conclusions from the data provided in their study. However, the reasons behind price discrepancies between the two market places might be attributed to more factors. The cost of development for each platform, Apple’s policy for consistent updating, the fragmented nature of the Android user-base might be some of the factors that influenced prices.

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