Is Android App Developers Losing to iOS?

The fact remains that Android growth over the past year and half is tremendous. Google has introduced new features, fixed bugs and work to make Android better but sadly Google depends on middleman for example like carriers and hardware manufacturers to provides updates and still several phones runs older versions of the operating system (OS) in spite of the source code of the newest version is out in the open market.

A glimpse from the developer section of Android website reveals to us that more than half of the Android phones still ride Froyo- version which is more than a year but even the latest version of the operating system Gingerbread reports for fewer than 20% of Android phones.

Flurry, an analytics firm has published a statement which shows that Android is losing its charm –as developers are concerned. Keeping the sample audience surveys in mind, Folks let’s have a look at the thought course through a developers’ mentality.

Download Base

May be for now Android is running high in terms of smartphone market share with approximately 135 million devices, the iOS ecosystem has beat Android in terms of number of devices out in the market. Here, iOS developers developed apps for the iPhone and also for the iPads, iPod touch and now for Mac which accounts to around 200 millions devices. Looking at the target audience of 200 million and 135 million, people will prefer to opt for higher.

Development equipments

When it comes to development tools, Apple tools are much better in designing, creating user interfaces or testing apps. The learning process with objective-c (choice for app development on iOS) is steep at the initial but after that the development course is really smooth. Developers familiar with Java has an advantage of working on Android but the entire process of installing SDK, designing is not smooth like iOS. There is a higher cost involves in iOS as against Android development.


Android developers and Google has to worked hard overtime to test their apps on because new phones with various screen sizes or hardware and OS invade the market everyday and is difficult for the developers to ensure that it will run smoothly on all phones whereas iOS developers has fewer number of devices to test their apps on.

Buying Apps

So many reports has revealed that iOS users buy more apps than their counterpart- Android users. GigaOm has mentioned that on average iOS user download 83 apps on average purchasing price of $1.48. Android app is broadcast with ads and given out for free. For example as when Rovio, sellers of Angry Birds released on Android market the app were given away for free via ads.

App Store Charm

Apple App Store has a well refined ways to get their apps to sell or gives visibility to apps through their staff Picks, App of the week, New and Noteworthy and so on. Android developers raise their opinion about for not being advertising well their apps through Android market and this has paved a way for the rise of Amazon AppStore, Verizon’s VCAST App store and other alternatives store.

Wonderful Apps

We all know that Apple’s core strength is on design and the company make it sure all the Apple’s products to have nice user interface. Obviously great user interface apps will sell like a hot chocolate cake, and hiring a designer for nice UI will need extra buck. So, now the point is if Apple is making great apps without shedding any extra efforts why the other developers will go for Android at the first place.

To get inside the iOS development can be expensive and difficult at the initial stage but the journey after wards can be smooth, without the need to worry about compatibility issues with the devices, visibility, and design. Apple launch their device once a year while a new Android released after every four weeks, Android developers need extra time, work to make it work. Lastly if the developers have a sizeable number of devices, it would be waste of efforts if it fails to take advantage of developing an app.

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