Android growth continues while others at decline

Android is the only smartphone platform to show growth. Palm remained flat, while Apple, Microsoft and RIM all saw declines. ComScore’s latest report covers May, June and July of 2010.

Apple has dropped from 25.1 percent share to 23.8 percent share. Because the smartphone market is growing. Google’s Android platform has surpassed Windows Mobile from Microsoft. Now the Microsoft’s share for the three months ended April was 14 percent just ahead of Google’s 12 percent. At present the Microsoft is at 11.8 percent while Google has climbed to 17 percent

Even if RIM remains firmly at the top with 39.3 percent share but the share is steadily declining. No data from the new Torch running Blackberry 6.0 is reflected in this study. We have been hearing about the news of Android making in higher the rankings. Such surveys are usually based on NPD data which only looks at retail sales.
Here, ComScore’s data appears to include corporate and wholesale channels.


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