Android will leap Apple to second place, claims Digitimes report.

Do you think it associated with Apple makes an event to be news? Let’s find out. The tech companies might have been shaken by the news that Andriod will ship 55 million smartphone handsets by the end of 2010. A rise of 560 % just from one year.

“Android now holds 13.8 per cent of the phone market – a figure that will rise to 24.5 per cent by the end of the year”, Digitimes reports.

If it happens then Symbian will still be market leaders with 34% and Android will leap Apple to the second spot.

The Digitimes report echoes a similar one by US analyst’s Nielsen, who now puts Android above iPhone in market share.

The scenario will be different if those analysis and report comes to be real and would be disappointing for Apple.

Despite of huge sales and success there might be a reason why Apple is second behind. It’s time for Apple to show up the cause and work on it.

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