Angry Birds Space Updated With New Levels

Angry Birds Space

When Angry Birds Space was released in on 22 March 2012, it crossed 10 million downloads in three days.

Rovio has pushed their first round of updates to the game, as promised. The new updated version of the popular game features ten all-new levels and another extra surprise. The surprise is 20 free Space Eagles, which are basically get-out-of-jail-free cards for levels you are having trouble getting past.

Rovio’s ten updated ten levels for Angry Birds Space have been dubbed as ‘Fry Me to the Moon.’ These levels feature pigs that orbit icy planets, making hitting them with the angry bird ammunition just that much harder in addition to the already unfamiliar anti-gravity game-play that was introduced with Angry Birds Space. The pigs are in constant motion as they orbit the icy planets and hitting them requires nerve, patience, and strategy.

Apart from the new levels and the 20 free Space Eagles, Rovio is also being generous by allowing the player to get an additional free Space Eagle every single day, only if they are signing into the game every single day. Rovio also rolled out a fix for an application crash, which plagued the Angry Birds Space application while the user was playing the game after its initial launch.

The update is completely free for everyone that bought Angry Birds Space already.

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