Creating Animated Gifs On Mac [TUTORIAL]

Adobe Photoshop

Animated Gifs are an alternative to Flash animations. All you need to create them is a web-banner with simple transitions. Animated Gifs make your web-page attractive.

All you need to create Animated Gifs is Adobe Photoshop. Follow this procedure to create animated gifs.

STEP 1 – First, create a new document in Photoshop. You can do that either by going to File > New or by hitting “Cmd+N” on the keyboard. Create a document of whatever size you like. While doing so, you should keep in mind that the Internet Advertising Bureau has standardized sizes for web ads. Web graphics should be RGB color and 72 Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

STEP 2 – Make sure that the “Layers” palette is showing. You should go to Windows > Layers or hit “F7”.

STEP 3 – You should create a separate layer for each frame by clicking “Shift+Cmd+N” in Photoshop and typing or placing art in the new layer. For example, in the photo the words “Sample,” “Animated” and “Gif” will appear in separate frames, so they are each on separate layers.

STEP 4 – Open the “Animation” palette by going to Window > Animation. Set the palette to “frame animation” by clicking the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the palette. Click the eyeball icon next to each layer in the “Layers” palette. This is done to show or hide separate layers — the eyeball should be “on” only on the layers you want in the first frame. For example, only the word you have typed and the background will appear in the first frame.

STEP 5 – Choose “New Frame” in the “Animation” palette. Click the eyeballs in the “Layers” palette to show the layers that you want to appear in the next frame. You should continue these steps until you have all the frames you want. You can add the blank background layer at the end of the frame that gives the animation the effect of cycling from a blank canvas.

STEP 6 – Select each frame to create the transition between them. For example, a half-second delay is usually applied to the transition. You can decide how much delay do you want for transition. This means that the animation will have a half-second (or time-difference that you insert) wish between each frame.

STEP 7 – Click “Play” in the “Animation” palette to preview the animated GIF. You can continue to experiment with timing until you have the desired effect. This step shows how good gif you have made and the option to modify the gif stays with you.

STEP 8 – Go to “File > Save For Web & Devices”. This opens up a new window. Click “Save” to save your animated GIF.

Now you Gif is ready. You can use it the way you want.

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