Another Mac Flashback Variant Out Now


Kill Dracula many times. But he will rise from the dead again. Similarly, in the world of technology, At the moment, Flashback is becoming the Dracula.

Killing Flashback itself is difficult. Now a Variant of Flashback is here to give hard time to all those who are making anti-virus programs to destroy Flashback.

The number of Macs affected by the trojan has gone down greatly. But now there is a new variant of Flashback to haunt your Mac. It is called Flashback.S. Just like the original, it can worm its way into a Mac’s home folder without the admin password.

But the new version still just takes advantage of that same vulnerability in Java, and that vulnerability has been patched. So if you have updated your Java post-Flashback, you do not need to worry about Flashback.S.

Source: TUAW

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