Another report suggestive this year’s iPad Pro drop Lightning for USB-C

Apple confirms a special event for October 30th. At the event, the company expects new Mac’s unveiling as well as a new iPad Pro with USB-C instead of Lightning.

This evening, thus supply chain blog Macotakara suggests USB-C for the iPad Pro.
Previously, reliable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests, 2018 iPad Pro models drop Lightning connectivity favouring USB-C. Thus, one reported USB-C switch to enables featuring a 4K video output and more.

Macotakara talked numerous accessory makers at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair at Hong Kong this week, where the consensus on 2018, iPad Pro features USB-C instead of Lightning. Thus, accessory makers are not always reliable source details pertaining to upcoming Apple, where the report is just the latest suggesting USB-C support of the year’s iPad Pro refresh.

This year, iPad Pro’s dimensions with USB-C, Macotakara cites originally appears on Slash Leaks last week. This likely has supply chain schematics, renders show the larger 12.9-inch model measures in at 280.66-mm tall and 215.00-mm wide. The current-generation iPad Pro measures 305.7-mm by 220.6-mm.

The Slash Leaks renders suggestive of the smaller model measures 274.64-mm tall and 178.52-mm wide. Hence, there are a slightly bigger than the current 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which measures 250.6-mm by 174.1-mm.

According to Macotakara, dimension seems accessory makers with their products on as of now. On 2018, iPad Pro refreshes unveiled expectation later this month at Apple’s special event.

The event announced today takes place on October 30th in Brooklyn, New York. Apple teased the event with a “There’s more in the making” tagline.