Anti-Theft Mac Software Helps In Catching Crook Red Handed

Macbook Thief

Today, technology can create problems for thieves. In past, there have been various cases where apps like Find My iPhone were used to nab the thieves. There are similar security oriented softwares for Mac as well.

Recently, a man was recently arrested red-handed after the MacBook he stole secretly uploaded his picture and sent it to its rightful owner.

Logan Chadde’s laptop and some other belongings were stolen by a 19-year-old thief over the weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The crook raided Chadde’s room and grabbed a backup containing a MacBook. Of course he was not aware that Chadde had installed anti-theft software that would lead to the police catching the 19-year-old.

An Ann Arbor police lieutenant said, “The laptop had anti-theft software that takes a picture of the user every time it’s turned on.” Specifically, the laptop was running Orbicule software. Orbicule makes Apple-only apps, including Undercover, a stealthy piece of $50 software. Undercover will secretly transmit location information, photos, and screenshots in the event that a Mac is stolen.

According to the report:

“Chadde said once the man logged online to a “Guest” account on the laptop, he received an email that contained a picture of the man, a screenshot of what he was doing on the computer and the laptop’s location. He said the software actually took a screen shot of the man Facebook chatting to another person about how he was going to sell the stolen laptop.”

“I called the police and sent that to them and I had his full name,” Chadde told The crook had apparently been a part of other investigations in the area. The evidence supplied by Undercover was enough to have him arrested. The unnamed thief will face charges in court very soon.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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