AnyRing: Set song as your Ringtone [Jailbreak]

AnyRing Developed by Yaniv Danan

AnyRing via Cydia is a great app for all those who love to have different ringtones. Now AnyRing software will makes it lot easier to set ringtones of your songs choice as your ringtone.

The app allows you to Disable/enable vibration when playing Ringtone. There is a flicker screen on the incoming call where you can set on/off. The app has also the random Ringtones like before an option to set on/off.

In this app you can select three Ring form like iPod songs, record your own, receive Ringtones. In iPod songs you can directly select songs from your music library. In second option you can record yourself saying a contact name and assign this record to the contact, now, everytime this contact calls you, you will hear his name over the speaker.

The app is just available for trial period of ten days and after the trial period ends if you like you can download the app for $3.99 .

UPDATE: The updated version allows you to set different Ringtones for different contacts.