Join Apocalypse Knights And Save The World From Demons [REVIEW]

Apocalypse Knights

As a child, I enjoyed many movies, TV shows and comics based on the themes of a hero fighting against demons. Blade The Vampire Hunter traveled the world to hunt down vampires who wanted to subdue human race.

He-Man had defeated many monsters of Skeletor to save Eternia. Resident Evil movie series is all about slaying zombies and prevent the infection of T-Virus in the world.

Apocalypse Knights

My fascination with these type of movies and TV shows was the reason that I enjoyed playing the game Apocalypse Knights. In this game, the knight fights on endlessly with blessed weapons and sacred steeds to destroy demons and save mankind on Earth.

Apocalypse Knights has been developed by InterServ International Inc. The animation of this game is awesome and it can give competition to all the movies and TV shows that I have mentioned. Fans of Diablo may find this game little bit similar to Diablo but this game is very different from Diablo or any game like Diablo. Apocalypse Knights also features awesome audio experience during the war scenes and during acts of using weapons.

Apocalypse Knights

The story of this action-packed game is interesting. In 2050 AD, Earth witnesses a huge invasion from demons and dangerous monsters. The world is being destroyed. Scientists of Earth join hands to develop equipments with technology and ancient wisdom. Just then, it is time for the hero to enter and a mysterious knight appears on the streets out of the blue. He is slaying demons with his weapons. You must be excited to play the character of the knight in shining armor. You will enjoy when you fight against the demons and emerge victor on every place where you are going to slay the demons.

You will enjoy fighting and you will witness awesome action while fighting. Each weapon that you use will have a unique ultimate skill. You can and you should collect as many weapons as possible to see all the cool moves and defeat bosses.

Apocalypse Knights

In this game, your mount is your partner. You can activate mount mode to enhance attributes. You will fight with mounts and enjoy the blazing speed while you smash barriers. You should collect all kinds of mounts and impress your friends.

Apocalypse Knights has ten levels of difficulty, six difficult scenes and many kinds of monsters.

Following video gives you a teaser of Apocalypse Knights:

Apocalypse Knights is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. For ultimate gaming experience and to enjoy all animation and sound effects, playing this game on iPad 2 is a good idea. This game requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

This game features infrequent and mild horror themes. Apocalypse Knights also has many violent action sequences. Therefore user discretion is being advised for this game.

So are you ready to win this game and save the world? How many monsters do you want to slay? Post your comments.

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