App Development Industry Created 466,000 Jobs In US For Four Years

App Economy StatisticsIn a time of recession when so many people in US are losing their jobs, we see news reports almost everyday that criticize American government for being soft on outsourcing, due to which many American jobs went to India and China.

However, it seems that now there is a ray of hope in US with American Dream set to rise again.

A recent report released by TechNet has claimed that so-called “App Economy” seems to have grown beyond Apple’s App Store to become an entity of its own. The growth of app development as an industry has seen steady over the past four years.

Researchers associated with TechNet worked with consulting firm South Mountain Economics LLC to quantify the size and impact of the App Economy by researching keywords in help-wanted ads, want-ad to employment ratio, tech employment to total employment, and job multipliers. The study revealed that the fast-growing industry is responsible for roughly 466,000 jobs in the United States. This included employment statistics from “pure” app companies like Zynga as well as app-related positions for major software developers such as AT&T and Electronic Arts.

Statistics from all major mobile operating systems including Android, BlackBerry, Facebook, iOS, and various iterations of what is now the Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform were included in the study. Dr. Michael Mandel, President of South Mountain Economics and former Chief Economist for BusinessWeek said, “The App Economy, along with the broad communications sector, has been a leading source of hiring strength in an otherwise sluggish labor market”.

App Economy StatisticsCalifornia topped the list of states with the highest percentage of App Economy jobs recording that nearly one in every four sector positions are going to the new industry. New York and Washington follow with 6.9% and 6.4% respectively. Growth for app business employment saw a relative slowdown in growth during 2011, though the average number of tech want ads containing the word “app” was 45% higher than the year before.

Apple has paid developers over $4 billion since the launch of the App Store. With over 315 million iOS devices sold, Apple has helped software engineers make $700,000 during the last quarter alone.

The industry and market of apps is expected to grow at the moment because apps rejected by iTunes now have other options to appear in online stores like Cydia and other app stores like that.

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