App Genius: Is it smart enough for you?

At present there are currently +75 000 apps available for download from the App Store, with the number growing more and more every day. So with this in mind how would you sort through the endlessly growing list?
Well Apple seem to have come up with a pretty logical step:

Enter the App Genius.

Previously, Apple provided the Genius feature within i-Tunes 8 that automatically generated, from a selected song, a music play-list.
The App Genius works similarly, except that its feature is a way for users to find Apps. The App can recognize interests, based on your previous downloads, and can then create a unique, personalized, experience that is unique to each user and recommend Apps accordingly.
This should make the App Store easier to navigate.

With App downloads in the Billions, and steadily growing, the App Genius feature is a pretty solid idea. And with time it can only get a lot better.

Grathina Furlong

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