App Review – Billing: Credit Card Terminal

Every since iPhone has been launched, there has been so many great things which gets our woo-wwows. Here’s yet another feature on the iPhone. It’s Billing: Credit Card Terminal this time – anyone with account can now process Credit Card right from the iPhone.

Billing is a virtual credit card point-of-sale terminal. Billing turns your iPhone into mobile virtual terminal for charing customers’ credit cards. It’s not like people are not able to process credit cards without an iPhone or computer, but Billing gives these people power of real-time authorization by letting them know immediately if there is an issue with getting payment from a credit card.

Billing application is a great example how your handy little phone can not only help you contact customers, but take their payments as well.

Personally I found this as a complete virtual credit card terminal app. It has a great and innovative look and feel. Added features are – users can add tips, capture virtual signature(I didn’t find this in any other app in same category), e-mail receipts, history of transactions etc.
Also, I noticed the processing wait status wasn’t available on other app of same category which is there in this app. Features like copy-paste, Paypal support etc would be great.
I used Billing this past week to process few credit cards and it worked flawlessly. Who doesn’t loves an app which works as you want it to be and doesn’t crashes? There are actually very less apps which are well fixed.

It’s available on an one time payment of $19.99 in the AppStore[link].

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