App Review: Fire Tail 2

With gameplay reminiscent of JezzBall and Snake, this fresh twist on the box-making genre does it all right.  Like its predecessors, you are tasked with drawing lines across the playing field to close it off, bit by bit.  Controls are simple and responsive – I prefer swipe controls, but tilt is also available.  Unlike JezzBall, you can change course mid-line, and so can make some pretty interesting wall shapes.

The real brilliance comes from the various enemies and powerups that you encounter within the game.  You even have two types of attacks to help take out some of the baddies.  The variety that the different types of enemies offer, and the challenge of taking them out, makes this game stand out from JezzBall clones.

The graphics are clean, neat, and easy to see – everything is just the right size.  Its small enough to be able to fit plenty n the screen, but not so much that the graphics are difficult to see.

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