App Review : Ghost Capture

Creepy isn’t it? I know Halloween is weeks behind us, but a nice piece of iPhone software is welcome throughout the entire year.

Ghost capture is a simple app which allows you to add a set of creepy ghosts to any picture. Pictures can either be loaded from your cameraroll or you can take a picture with a build-in camera. There are 10 ghosts to choose from.

You can save images to your iPhone and send them by mail.

The only way in which this app flaws is that images you load will be resized and cropped. This is a measure taken to prevent crashes and high memory usage. Other than that it’s a very good iPhone app for freaking out friends. When I tried it, I fooled 2 friends into thinking that one of the pictures was real.

So overall a very good app, but it’s something you will play with for a few days and then never look at again. But it’s free, so definitely worth the download.

Available for free at the App Store.

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