App Review : iBlast Moki

Blast Moki is a first-time game from developers Godzilab. And as a first time games developer you have to at least try to stand out from the crowd.. At very least by being creative and original otherwise your app will linger in the app-void for many many years.

Does iBlast Moki accomplish that? Yes!

The game-play is simple : move your Mokis (cute balloon-type bubbles) from point A to point B where point B is a vortex. The catch..?..well you have to use ropes, bombs, screws, wheels, balloons in order to safely get the Mokis home. Keep in mind that bombs can be set with a time delay before exploding.

There are six beautifully rendered worlds (70 levels in 6 worlds) that are a joy to look at as well as a level editor should you be inspired to create your own puzzle as I was. The music and sound effects work a treat, and I did feel sorry for the Moki when he yelped while being blasted.. but what fun I had.

iBlast Moki has everything you want in a puzzler. Cute graphics. Nice music. Re-playability. On-line scores. Level editor. In short this is a great game to add to your collection and at the current price of only $1.99 and having hours of enjoyment you simply cant go wrong.

-Grathina Furlong

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