App Review: Midomi

midomi-iphone-icon-masked-100You are probably familiar with the following situation: You are sitting in your car in a traffic jam, listening to the radio and there is this song, that you have listened to a couple of times, but you have no idea who has made it, nor what it is called. Midomi provides a solution for you.

Midomi is an application with a unique technology that identifies tunes anywhere, using only your iPhone. After you have opened the application, all you have to do is to tap the large button in the middle of the screen, and in few seconds (mostly less!) it tells you what song that you are currently listening to. Magically!

When Midomi has results the song, it shows you some information about the song; who has made it, what label it is from and the album of the song too. Midomi also gives you a link so that you can buy the song right away, or if the music video is available on YouTube, Midomi gives you a link to it.

If it’s available, you can also read a biography of the band that has made the discovered song and you can also see a list of discs they has made in the discography section. Also, there’s a little ‘Genius’ feature in it – shows you similar artists.

Midomi is without any doubts a must-have application for your iPhone. You will sometimes get into situations where you really need to know the name of a song that you are listening to. And Finally – Hummmmmming …. I swear, this little app recognizes your humming too! Speak to Midomi, it also gives info about artists. Totally unbeatable.

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