App Review: Sphere Raider

Yet another game is in app store to make to top-10. SphereRaider, with a unique idea, is a accelerometer and touch based control iPhone and iPod Touch game. The first thing to notice about this game is that it’s an invention, rather being copied from other game eras.

Goal of the game is simple – objects fly from both sides of the screen and has to enter Sphere. Movement of the sphere can be controlled with the help of Accelerometer or by functionally manipulating the sphere object by touch along multiple axis – as the developer, Gallen Technologies says.

Graphics are very appealing and crisp. Colors are also very soothing. There are 10 different skill levels to deal with the excitement.

SphereRaider is must have for all iPhone game lovers. A great time pass and entertainer. And is available in the appstore for $1.99.

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