App Review: Ynth


Ynth is a 2-d platform puzzler in which you, as a small bug, must rotate a box (with mazes in them and sometimes filled with various obstacles) across a marshland while avoiding other various falling obstacles. In order to progress it involves you tipping these boxes over by touching on-screen buttons(left or right) in order for you to direct your bug safely to a corner before pushing the same block towards your goal.

Additional elements, such as one way doors and springs add to the difficulty in later levels.

The game controls and artwork are simple and work well. You can jump left/right or (if you are against a wall) rotate the box you are in 90 degrees again either to the left/right.Falling will kill you unless its a height of no more than 2 levels high. The mud, if fallen into, can also kill you.

The game-play is good but some of these levels are very long with many blocks to move, and having to re-start all the way from the beginning when you’ve made a small mistake a few turns away from your exit can be incredibly frustrating. A level over-view would be nice at the beginning of the level so you can at least see how far to go or plan your moves.

Ynth is a good game that could be a great game. It certainly is worth a try if you looking for a different action puzzler.

-Grathina Furlong

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