App store has embrace the Adode flash apps

Is not long ago when Apple has announce the news regarding about allowing third-party developer tools for iOS and Adobe is already busy updating product plans. Adobe has already inform the developers that they have plan to resume work on Packager for iPhone. Well this is one feature we are talking about the part of the Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool. The company allows developers to easily move their Flash based apps over to iOS devices.

Moreover, the Packager is already available in the current release of CS5 and several developers let known to Adobe that their newly submitted Packager apps are being approved by Apple.

Earlier this year, Adobe has abandoned work on the Packager when Apple implemented a policy blocking third-party developer tools. Now the Apple’s change of policy is great news for Adobe and Flash developers as they now have an easy way to port their applications from Flash to iOS based devices like the iPad and iPhone. Well thank you for that Adode.


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