App Store listing broken, has Apple tampered too much?

App Store ThunderToday reports started flooding the internet of a malfunctioning App Store. According to various sources, iPhone reviewers and iPhone developers, recently submitted applications have gone missing from the “New” listing and this listing isn’t being updated anymore. This is once again bad news for developers who are releasing new apps now, but very good news for people who currently on the front pages with their apps. It can take Apple quite a while to change these kinds of things.

Apple hasn’t announced when they will fix the bug or hasn’t made any statements concerning the bug.

This makes us wonder, why can’t Apple just keep its hands of perfectly working products? With a whole load of updates they pushed earlier this year is something fundamentally wrong. Let’s remember Safari 4.0, the browser which takes up to 1 minute to load, the iPhone updates which took away functions for some users and not to forget the extremely buggy Mac OSX “Snow Leopard” and now the iTunes App Store.

Can “It just works” still be applied to these products? Maybe that statement should now be changed to “it used to work”.

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