Apple’s new rechargeable AA batteries rebranded

From the past few days we have received several indications that Apple’s new rechargeable AA batteries and Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries have a lot of similarities, suggesting that Apple has essentially rebranded the Sanyo’s Eneloop and selling it with its own packaging. Though there are no definitive physical markings inside the batteries, the suspicion seems to be confirmed after a publication by

It’s believed that the batteries are indeed Sanyo Eneloop cells, specifically the model of HR-3UTG because they correspond to the same physical parameters. The discovery that Apple has rebranded other companies batteries is not necessarily a surprise, as it would be unlikely that Apple took on the task of reinventing rechargeable battery technology on its own. But however the disclosure reveals that Apple’s batteries are not based on a brand-new battery technology, as Sanyo first developed its Eneloop batteries in 2005 and launched them for sale in 2006.

The battery charger, however does appear to be an Apple-designed product, offering Apple’s traditional styling. The charger is designed to automatically reduce power usage to 30 milliwatts once it senses that the batteries have been fully charged.

But with the latest controversy regarding Apple’s first generation iPod nano music player having some battery problems which is causing problems like overheating and fire still around, this would be seriously looked into by the users.

Many people were shocked to hear that Apple does not manufacture their own batteries, but what everybody wants is just a problem free battery, which we hope Apple will deliver.

Via: [Macrumors]

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