Apple Is Third Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer

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Given the fact that today people do almost everything on iPad what they earlier used to do on PC, Apple has become the “largest PC manufacturer” in this world.

Now apart from being the largest tablet maker, Apple has also become the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in this world. Among smartphone manufacturers, Apple is already number one.

iPhone and iPad also have their shares of being a favorite in the corporate world.

Apple has broken records in the sales of iPad and the results of the sales of Apple products in the quarter-4 of 2011 have been impressive.

The sales of 37 million iPhones during the last three months made it the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), a marketing research firm, the overwhelming popularity of the iPhone 4S played a key-role in pushing Apple past LG and into the number three spot on the list of top mobile phone manufacturers. That included feature phones. The present context is about entire 2011, not just fourth quarter.

Largest selling phones of 2011

In the research, it was considered that feature phones still account for more than 60% of all cell phone sales. Apple sells smartphones. According to the graph, Apple is the only company on the list that does not sell feature handsets.

Source: iDownload Blog

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