Apple To Bring 500 More Jobs To European Corporate Headquarters

Apple European HQ

Apple is planning to bring 500 new jobs to the its European Headquarters (HQ) in Cork, Ireland.

Apple has had a substantial presence in Cork for more than 30 years. Currently Apple employs 2,800 people at the European HQ located here. The additional 500 employees will be staffed in a new office block that Apple is planning to build in the next 18 months.

The Cork HQ oversees Apples’s supply chain throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Apple also assembles Mac Pro desktops here.

“The announcement that Apple, one of the world’s leading companies, is expanding its operations in Ireland and creating 500 new jobs is a huge boost for the country. It is a great testament to the company’s workforce, a great vote of confidence in the future of our economy, and it shows what is possible fore Ireland at the heart of a stable Europe,” — Richard Bruton. Irish Job Minister.

Coincidently, Cork was also the site of a demonstration staged by Greenpeace to protest Apple’s use of coal powered electricity to support its iCloud service.

Apple’s HQ in Cork was the its first base established outside of the US mainly because of the low corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent.

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