Apple May Claim 84% Of Corporate Market Share Among Tablet Buyers

Tablet Demand

Today, Apple’s tablet iPad is popular all over the world.

It is due to the popularity of iPad that makes Apple’s tablet leading technologies for the enterprise sector.

As the business folks who once exclusively patronized the BlackBerry chuck their RIM devices as fast as shares of AAPL are rising, the iPad is on pace to dominate the corporate market to an unprecedented degree this year.

The latest report from ChangeWave Research culls data from a comprehensive survey of business IT buyers. According to report, 84% of companies that plan to invest in tablets during the next quarter say they will purchase iPads. The survey of businesses reveals an across-the-board disinterest in any tablet but the iPad.

The remaining 16% of non-iPad tablet buyers will give their business to Samsung (8%), with HP, Asus, Dell, and RIM barely registering on the radar. The percentage of companies planning to purchase iPads is “the highest level of corporate iPad demand ever seen in a ChangeWave survey.”

Apple’s third-generation iPad, is now on sale. It is expected to sell at least 1 million units in its first 24 hours of availability.

Source: Modmyi

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