Apple Now 9th Most Valuable Brand In The World

Apple Logo

Apple is now the ninth most valuable brand in the world.

A recent report from Bloomberg has given this ranking to Apple in the list of top 100 global brands.

The brand rankings use five unnamed criteria and privately-held companies are excluded. Brand value includes the name, logo, image, and other intangibles that identify a company to a consumer.

This year (and almost every year), the top ten list is heavily dominated by technology firms including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel and HP.

Today Apple’s brand value stands at US $33.493 billion, up from $21.143 billion in 2010. Apple increased its value 58% year over year. The company’s momentum shows no sign of slowing down, and may climb even further up the ladder in 2012.

How many of you are optimistic about Apple reaching Number One spot someday? Why do you believe that? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: TUAW

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