Apple a bargain brand, came with the least price iPad ever

Now Apple’s iPad will be available with very less price compared to its counterpart.
Yes, Apple came with a plan which will help you to get the iPad with 3G services in much less price compared to the Dell’s Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Let us see how other tablet cost higher. With a two-year AT&T contract, Dell’s 5-inch tablet starts at $300 and for the data plan its $55 per month deal: 450 voice minutes for $40; and 200MB data for $15, which accumulate to around $1620 ($1320 for the 3G plan; and $300 for the tablet ) for two years of Dell Streak usage.
And now how the iPad cost low compared to the Streak, lets see the equation. The 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G costs $629, AT&T charges $15 per month for 250MB of data, So over two years, the least you’d pay for an iPad with 3G service is $989. Thus if you avail the services of iPad you will have a profit of $ 631 than Streak.
So, it’s clear that iPad Wi-Fi with 3G services comes in cheapest price than the existing tablets.


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