Apple A5 iPhone Processor Texas Made

A5 iPhone Processor

In the world of technology, outsourcing the components and hardware inside gadgets like smartphones and tablets to foreign countries with cheap labor is a common thing. The components made in Asia and other countries are often much cheaper than the parts that are made in United States.

In the present day scenario, when debate on outsourcing is riding high, it is surprise that Apple chose to be patriotic by creating jobs in USA and not outsourcing its A5 processor for the iPhone.

The A5 processor has been built by Samsung in a gigantic plant that spans 1.6 million square feet. It is located in the capital city of Austin, Texas. Austin is a big hub of technology. That is why, many call it the the Silicon Valley of the South. The A5 processor is one of the few parts that are sourced inside the US for the iPhone.

The A5 has been made on the Samsung non-memory chip production line. This production line went into full production in early December. The plant is new construction. The cost of construction was $3.6 billion. It is a massive building that has about the span of nine football fields and almost all of the production capacity for chips here is only for Apple.

So what do you expect from A5 Processor? Do you see Apple’s decision to make A5 iPhone Processor as patriotic? Tell us in the comments section.

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