Apple Making A5X And A6 Chips At Once

A6 A5X Processor Chips

Last week, we reported that the processor chip for rumored iPad 3 maybe named as A5X instead of A6.

However, now it seems that A6 chip maybe something that may exist in future.

We are expecting to hear from Apple about iPad 3 sometime next week at their event on 7 March 2012. As we expect from nearly every new iDevice that comes from Apple, it is supposed to hold a new processor with better specs than the last. The question that still remains is, “Will it hold the A6 chip?”

We have heard numerous reports about A6 chip that may come with Apple’s next generation iPad. However, in a recent turn of events, we have been hearing reports about an A5X chip, which has been pictured. The A5X chip would be similar in qualities to the A5 chip, with slightly better performance. On the other hand, A6 Chip would be a completely new chip with all-around better specs and a complete makeover on performance and battery efficiency as we have been seeing improved in previous chips.

According to some online reports, Apple appears to be in production of both chips at the same time. This means Apple may release two kinds of iPads. Not only the reports of hardware such as a retina display, there have also been reports of a cheaper 8-inch iPad. This iPad would be cheaper and it would have less impressive specs than the full-size iPad. Other reports suggest that the A6 may be used for the next generation iPad and the A5X could be used for next generation iDevices excluding the iPad.Given these rumors are true, iPad 4 may come shortly after iPad 3.

Normally, Apple would not market two kinds of one device, one being less expensive with less impressive specs and the other being more expensive with better specs. However, since the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple still produces and markets the iPhone 4 as a cheaper alternative. Another possibility that can be considered is that iPad 2 maybe reproduced with the A5X chip and the iPad 3 sold with the new A6 chip. Whatever the case, we know the next generation iPad will be newer and better.

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