Apple Acknowledges Siri Abortion Clinic Concerns

Apple Siri iPhone 4S Petition

When you ask a question, you feel very angry when instead of getting reply, you are told not to ask such questions.

Something like this is happening to some Apple users and answers to their questions are being refused by none other than “their personal assistant” Siri.

A petition is circulating online that accuses Apple of being “Anti-choice” extremist.

The reason for Siri’s refusal to provide the locations and contact details of abortion centers. When asked about abortion centers, Siri starts leading users to Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


Groups like National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) want Apple to take action and allow Siri users to make a choice. NARAL is also known as NARAL Pro-Chice Group.

With the backing of 20,000 supporters, the petition has been forwarded to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple has vowed to take action to rectify the problem.

Source: 9 TO 5 Mac

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