Apple address ‘BeautyGate’ iPhone XS front camera skin smoothing in iOS12.1

The iPhone XR lifts everyone thoughts on the new mainstream iPhone. The front camera and rear wide-angle camera in the XR and XS; thus is identical, having the same upside and downside with Apple’s computational photographing.

The Verge with an interesting tidbit: Apple adjusts the Smart HDR algorithm in iOS 12 retains more detail and addresses aggressive skin smoothing complaints. Hence with response to the BeautyGate, a crop up where the XS launched last month.

The algorithm adjustment applied to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR — where all three phones feature the new Smart HDR smarts. The iPhone XR ships with iOS 12.0.1, conducted reviews and used the ‘BeautyGate’-software.

iOS 12.1 expects a launch within the next month or so, likely shipped with the upcoming iPad Pro models.

To date, Apple not really said anything, a skin smoothing complaints where many attributes equivalent to a Snapchat-style ‘beauty filter’s. This is the clearest acknowledgement from Apple responds to these complaints.

The full explanation, via The Verge, however, says:

Smart HDR essentially chooses the wrong base frame for HDR processing, where one requires to take a selfie. Instead, choosing a frame with a short shutter speed to freeze motion and preserve detail, it would sometimes choose a frame with longer shutter speed. The front camera also does not have optical image stabilization, so it takes blurrier shots at the same shutter speed as the rear, stabilized camera. The result is a loss of detail that looks like smoothing on the front camera.

It sounds such as Apple retaining more detail tweaks how Smart HDR mixes the different exposures together, more careful picking up a sharper base frame for Smart HDR working on and therefore retains more natural look to selfie photos on iPhone XS and iPhone XR.