Apple Adds Hulu Plus To Apple TV

Hulu Plus

Apple has quietly added Hulu Plus to the Apple TV. The new channel is available not through a software update for Apple’s set-top box.

Just restart your device and and you will Hulu Plus in the options of channels. Users are being offered a one-week trial, or they can log in with their existing account (or, apparently, buy service through iTunes).

Hulu Plus is a service in the United States that allows viewers to watch TV shows and movies from some of the biggest networks and studios including Disney, NBC, ABC, and Fox. As of 2011, Hulu Plus had 1.5 million users.

Apple TV users outside US will not be able to take advantage of the new Hulu Plus channel. However, the addition of Hulu Plus is promising for those outside of the US. Let us hope that Apple continues to add more streaming content outlets to the AppleTV, like BBC’s iPlayer.

How was your experience of using Hulu Plus on Apple TV? Post your comments.

Source: TUAW

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