Apple Adds Queue Time And Other Contact Info To iPhone Developer Pages

announcements-and-news-iphone-developer-programMany developers complain about the huge amount of time it takes Apple to approve an application. After submitting the application it usually takes a lot of time before it appears in the App Store. This can be very annoying because the developer can give no releasedate to it’s users. Apple seems to have found something to give the developers a better estimation when an app will be released.

Apple now shows a small window (picture above) which displays the chance of the approval of an app within 14 days. The developer can more or less calculate when an app will appear in the App Store. Apple also has opened a special e-mail address for urgent bugfixes. The developers can e-mail about all subjects to that address and will get an answer quicker, because there is more haste. The e-mail address already excists for 2 weeks, but is now visible on the homepage of the special site.

This ‘feature’ has been created on request of Craig Hockenberry, developer at “The Iconfactory” (he created Twitterific for example)

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