Apple all up again with improve video quality and censor system.

Never be surprise! Apple is a huge company with bench of human resources carrying out their respective works. Every unit and the department have specific subject matter to deal with. It is because of so that Apple is able to handle lots of thing at one shot. Want to know what they are up to now!

Apple has filed a patent entitled ‘Video Acquisition with Processing Based on Ancillary Data,’ describes advanced techniques of processing video and improving picture quality. It describes plugging a camera or mobile device into a computer, which would then read “ancillary data” recorded by something such as an iPhone.

Let me tell you features such as image stabilization have long been a feature of Apple’s video editing tools, including Final Cut Pro and iMovie ’09. But the newly described method would use sensors in a mobile device, like an iPhone, to improve picture quality even further.

The positive feature of the system is that it can detect motion or a change in lighting conditions, and accordingly blend frames from the video to lessen the effect.

So this time you don’t have to adjust your video images or scratch your head for bad quality image due to light or climatic turbulences. The system gone for patent will do it for you and me.


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