Apple and other giants being sued by Microsoft!

Yes you read it right and clear. In the midst of throat cut competitions among companies, patents are being violated is what says Mr. Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. And he is not going to spare them, as it seems for now.

He have file case against the mega tech giants like Apple, Google, AOL Inc., eBay Inc., Facebook Inc., Netflix Inc., Office Depot Inc., OfficeMax Inc., Staples Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Google’s YouTube subsidiary.
Here come all the tech companies without which the tech world is null. The reason behind the suit is backed by the violation of patent developed in the Silicon Valley lab of Mr. Allen.

But let me ask you, don’t you think such big and reputed companies must have researched on which subject they are working so that they don’t violate the patent of other company. And I am like… Only God knows!
If I am not wrong Mr. Allen used to be an admirer of Steve Jobs. But when it comes to business and patent everything is fair and nothing is unfair.

Let’s see when the hearing takes place and what amount of damage is recovered by Mr. Allen, though he hasn’t mention any damage amount.

It’s rare case when such mega companies are seen or taken together.


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