Apple and Verizon talking for mission 2011.

One is the media (Verizon) and other is the medium (Apple) are holding talks for future perspective. As far as I remember it’s not for the first time though.

Again a report appeared stating “

Apple is thinking to expand the iPhone to another carrier in the U.S. next year to maintain high growth, as the company’s smartphone nears saturation on the AT&T network “, Wall Street Journal report.

Talks are in progress for “SVDO” iPhone which would allow both voice and data at the same time, something not possible with a traditional CDMA phone on Verizon’s network.

If you go through various business magazines you will come across a number of rumors or articles pointing toward a January 2011 launch for a CDMA iPhone available on the largest wireless network in the U.S., Verizon.

Let see how the talks between the biggest companies in their respective field make best out of it in near future. Though we agree business dealings doesn’t happen over one night.


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