Apple-App Store to have better App approval

     I’m sure many of you have wondered at some point of time or the other, as to why Apple has posted such a dumb, good for nothing App on the App Store. Well now Apple has guaranteed users that this won’t happen by hiring developer Phillip Shoemaker to be the head of the App Store.

Phillip Shoemaker has developed a number of Apps, which are totally unique and dumb. A report by suggests that the type of apps that this developer has created is among the worst that are found on the App store.

When most people think hiring people with a lot of experience in delivering the best Apps would result in a better App approval for the App Store, Apple doesn’t seem to be thinking that way.

So we assume that Apple thinks the way to find someone to deal with the worst apps in the App Store, is to hire the guy who wrote them.

One of Shoemakers unique apps is called Animal Farts, an app that unfortunately delivers on its title. Animal Farts gives you the ability to select different animals and then pick which bodily function sound you want the animal to make. There’s not much more to say about that. The other app worth mentioning is iWiz, these Apps have really been among the worst Apps that the App Store has ever seen.

 Luckily, he has made a few apps that don’t stink. In fact, he has five apps with no bodily functions at all. You can look at the complete collection on his website,

Do you think this is one reason why Apple is doing so well today? Let us know what you feel.


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