Apple Broadens Aussie Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung

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Samsung maybe happy, thinking about having the last laugh in Germany. However, this has not stopped Apple from launching an all-out assault in Australia, where its ongoing patent battle against Samsung is still going strong.

As The Australian reports, Apple has expanded its complaint to 278 claims, covering 72 patents and a full ten products. These products include some smartphones and tablets that Apple is yet to launch in Australia.

Comparing current lawsuit with original lawsuit, only three Apple patents, concerning the Galaxy Tab 10.1 were involved. Apple had won an injunction against Samsung’s tablet last year, but that was overturned in November 2011. Due to that, Galaxy Tab became available in Australia after 9 December 2011, one week after the ban was lifted because Apple had obtained a one-week stay order on the implementation of ban lifting the verdict. After Apple’s appeal for more extension was shot down, now Apple is making better preparations.

Samsung’s lead lawyer Neil Young said that Samsung had received short notice of its rival’s latest suit. This meant that would not be be able to file a defense until mid-May.

Apple and Samsung have sued each other in various countries and they have won and lost in may cases. However, so far, Apple’s share of victories is bigger than Samsung. This is seems to be the first step towards the return of Apple-Samsung saga in Australia that is to culminate in a lawsuit to be heard in March 2012.

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Source: Engadget

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