Apple avoids sharing contract details with Samsung

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As reported earlier this week, Australian court as ordered Apple to share details of contracts signed with Australian carriers with Samsung. Aiming to stall the sales of iPhone 4S in Australia, Samsung has sought information about subsidies that Apple receives from carriers. Samsung wants to see if the amounts of subsidies result to anti-competitive behavior. Samsung is also demanding to know the source code of iPhone 4S

However, it seems that earlier reports and information circulated in media might be incomplete. ZDNet Australia is reporting that Apple was instructed to share only certain parts of their terms and conditions with Australian carriers, should they exist.

Apple is claiming that terms and conditions that Samsung wants to see do not exist in contracts. Thus, Apple is refusing the disclosure of contract details on this ground.

The lawyer representing Samsung tried to press the judge on whether the claims made my Apple could be believed. However, this legal pursuit was abandoned when Judge Annabelle Bannett said that there could not be any reason to mistrust Apple on this issue.

The court battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on ever since Samsung faced a court-imposed ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.5 after Apple sued Samsung on the grounds that the design of Galaxy Tab 10.5 had been copied from the design of iPad.

Source: Mac Rumors

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