Apple Awarded Patent for Unreleased iPad – Landscape Dock Connector

Before the released of design, Apple has been awarded Patent.

According to Patently, “Apple has been awarded the patent for an unreleased iPad design that features a landscape dock connector. Even before the iPad’s original release it was rumored that the device would include two connectors; however, that rumor never materialized.”

“Apple has been granted a design patent for what appears to be the original iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model that just happened to have a second landscape Apple Connector slot as is clearly noted below in patent figures 1 and 6. It’s unknown at this time as to why Apple decided to scrap the secondary Landscape Apple Connector slot – when consumers clearly wanted such an option. Of course Apple could always decide to reinstate the Apple Connector slot in a future version of the iPad or simply shift to wireless charging which would eliminate the need for such a port in the first place. The latter is likely the reason for scrapping it.”

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