Apple Wants To Ban Steve Jobs’ Action Figure

Steve Jobs Action Figure

We recently reported that an action figure of Steve Jobs is available for pre-order and it would be launched in stores next month. While many Apple Fanboys may see it as a tribute (or homage) to Steve Jobs, Apple Inc is upset with the launch of this toy. Perhaps Apple feels that InIcons is trying to capitalize on the death of Steve Jobs or the emotions of paying homage to Steve Jobs.

Apple’s legal team has warned InIcons against their decision to market the Steve Jobs figurine. According to a news report in the Telegraph, Apple has threatened to sue InIcons, the company that has created and marketed the Steve Jobs’ action figure. Apple supposedly sent a letter to the company that said that it was illegal to use a company’s logo, a person’s name or his or her likeness without consent.

InIcons has not told media how it would respond to Apple’s warnings. However, comments from InIcons’ Tony Cheung suggest that the company that the company does not have any intention of backing off. Cheung recently spoke to ABC News and said:

Apple can do anything they like. I will not stop, we already started production.

Cheung said that his legal team advised him his figurine was in compliance with the law because it was not sold with any replica Apple products. Responding to the issue of Jobs’ likeness, Cheung said, “Jobs is not an actor, he’s just a celebrity. There is no copyright protection for a normal person.” He further argued that Steve Jobs was not a product and thus, he was not a copyrighted property of Apple.

We wish to remind our readers that InIcons is not the first company to create a Steve Jobs action figure. MIC Gadget had produced a life-like action figure last year, but Apple’s legal team shut it down.

Source: TUAW

Image Courtsy: InIcons

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