Apple Planning To Bolster iPad Use In Schools

iPad Education

Bloomberg has added yet another confirmation about education event That Apple is going to host on Thursday, 19 January 2012.

Thursday has arrived and now we can expect some big news within few hours.

Bloomberg says that Apple will have plenty of educational news to share. Most of the rumors are about a textbook-based system for iBooks. Bloomberg says that Apple will introduce not only more textbook integration for iBooks, but it will also introduce some new tools. These new tools allow many more authors and publishers to release materials directly. Some Apple insiders said on the condition of anonymity that Apple might be looking to bypass the standard textbook publishers completely by implementing an App Store-style model. This App Store style model is expected to come with the added bonus of providing tons of quickly updated educational information on its mobile devices.

This means that not only can people who want to publish textbooks of their own do so, but teachers can even write and publish their own materials directly. Teacher would not have worry about how they would send the material to their students. Nor they would need to ask students to find a particular textbook and get it even if it is expensive.

Do you think Apple’s action would bring some revolution in the world of education? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

Source: TUAW

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