Apple Books: What is new in iOS 12?

Apple is under an incomplete phase getting redesigned and overhauled the iBook app for iOS12. There is a bunch of refinement with the speed of iPhone and iPad brought in by iOS12. As there are a number of apps getting facelifted at a huge phase and functionality, with the improvements in these apps and Apple’s ebook reader and store, iBooks, bears the moniker “Apple Books” in iOS12.

With the reading experience itself what has been stayed largely is in with iOS12 were Apple Books completely rethought the design, book management, purchase and organizational aspects. Hence with the new Book Store app available in 51 countries the following are the things to be known in Apple Books on iOS12.

The look and feel of Apple Books

Apple Books designed an entirely new design for the purchase, management as well as search for books. Hence it is notable for with a banishment of the translucent shelf and shelf – based metaphor.

Hence with the app which takes a cue from the App Store with bright-colours-on-sold designs being offered at the background which is held with the book covers with a large and laterally scrolling columns. Hence, there will be a dark mode into lower light conditions with the background dims to black and switching the heading and text to white and greys.

From the original side, where the Apple has been away with iBooks along with save for Search puts emphasize on what you were currently reading in the Read Now Tab.

You need to access your Apple ID account and the profile picture with book updates, download books or audiobooks with hidden purchases, redeem codes, view account settings, or sign out of account.

With Audiobook, featuring from a sub-tab separates iOS12 with a design of book from its counterpart highlighting audiobook titles. As a lover of an audiobook, with the prominence in iOS12 one should lament the lack of Audible subscription service. Hence with an ecosystem where one can still pay upwards of $30 for a single title.

Hence with search experience getting revamped with Search tab in iOS12 not being ignored, takes up with the Music with the integrated library search of your book collections.  Hence, for a search title in the Apple Books app in iOS12 automatically is the one where we search across local library which features the full book and Audiobook Store with side-scrolling collections.