Apple Cancels WWDC Orders For Developers Who Purchased More Than One Ticket

WWDC 2012 Ticket

Apple has sent emails to a number of developers who scrambled to purchase tickets for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June to tell them that their order has been cancelled.

Developers who purchased more than one $1,600 ticket on their credit card are likely to find that their order is “not eligible.” However, a phone call to the Cupertino company could rectify the issue.

The problem stems from Apple’s no transfer policy for WWDC 2012 tickets. This policy prevents people from purchasing them at $1,600 and then selling them on for a huge profit. With tickets gone in less than two hours this year, ticket touting was likely to become big business.

To prevent it, Apple has been canceling all orders that applied for more than one ticket on the same credit card. This activity prevents genuine customers from purchasing additional tickets for their friends or colleagues, and more importantly, it prevents businesses from purchasing tickets in bulk for their employees.

However, Apple realizes that there are customers who have a genuine need for more than one ticket. Some developers who had their orders cancelled were able to get them reinstated again by calling Apple and explaining the situation. One wrote on Twitter:

Apple are reinstating them if a company is booking multiple on the same card but for different people.

If you are not a company or corporate organization, you may have a hard time convincing Apple that your extra ticket is for a friend and not for sale on eBay.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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