Apple Cannot Use iPad Name In China


Apple’s iPad may have sold millions of units all over the world and may have achieved a lot of success as a gadget that becomes your mini computer with keyboard and all other stuff inside it. However, now it seems that Apple would have to look for a new name if it wants sell iPad in China.

In Shenzen, Apple’s lawsuit against Proview Technology (Shenzen) has been dismissed by Intermediate People’s Court which takes away the rights of Apple to use iPad name in China to market its tablet.

Apple had accused Proview Technology of trademark infringement. On the other hand, Proview Technology (Shenzen) claimed that it had registered the term “iPad” as a trademark from 2000-2004 in many countries, including China, European Union, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Singapore. The Taiwanese arm of Proview Technology had sold “its global trademark” to Apple for £35,000 UK Pounds in 2006.

Apple had tried to gain ownership of iPad trademarks in 2010 before it started selling its tablet in China. However, the iPad name was owned by Proview Technology (Shenzen) which is the Chinese side of company.

Apple approached court to claim the name and lost. Proview Technology is trying to block sales of the iPad in Shenzan and Huizhou. The cases filed in courts in this regard would be heard in December and January in each city.

Apple wishes to increase its presence in the Chinese market, with four news stores launching in Beijing and Shanghai and 1000 resellers. Apple is concerned about many fake Apple stores cropping up and operating in China.

However, Apple does not wish to take it lying down and is likely to appeal against this verdict.

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