Apple Claims Holiday Sales Would Not Be Deterred By Motorola’s Patent Victory

Apple Motorola

After Motorola the won the patents infringement lawsuit against Apple, last week on 9 December 2011, Apple had been ordered to pay hundred million euros ($134 Million) to Motorola.

Now the sales of Apple products covered under the patents lawsuit of Motorola cannot be sold anywhere in Europe.

Despite this huge financial loss, Apple has put up a brave face. The court ruling is not as devastating to Apple is it was being made out to be earlier due to two reasons. One, Apple is immediately appealing against this ruling. Two, If Apple does not win the appeal, it can license the 3G patent from Motorola. However, this ruling is not going impact the Apple products sale seriously because it applies only to importation of iOS devices. The iOS devices that are already there in Germany can be sold.

Apple had made sure to have a huge amount of iOS devices in hand in case they lost the case, before the ruling came. Apple spokesman said that Holiday shoppers in Germany would not have any problem in finding the iPhone and iPad that they want.

Source: TUAW

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